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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Bunking Class


One of the things that you'll learn about during S P Jain's BBA Orientation in September is the absence policy. The college takes attendance for every class. Really. You are allowed 4 absences in every class (you take 5 classes most semesters). After that, you need to show a medical certificate (MC) from a doctor in Singapore (or whichever country you happen to be studying in that semester).



Now here's the important part. If you miss more than 4 sessions per class each semester, your grade goes down. So, let's say you have a B+ in Economics, and you miss 6 classes, and you don't bother to go to the doctor to get an MC. That means that your grade goes down to a B for the 5th absence, and to a B- for the 6th. But the plot thickens. Since there is no D+ or D- (only a plain old D), if you had earned a C- you could easily go down to an F. Very bad idea.

Most freshmen don't believe this the first semester. So they use up their 4 "free" absences with silly things like getting extra sleep. Then, they get a cold or flu later in the semester, and they don't feel like going out to see a doctor (or paying $75 cash) because they're not really all that sick. But they don't feel good enough to go to class, either. So they stay in bed, and then discover that their grade point average (GPA) suddenly has gone way down. If they're on a scholarship, they're in danger of losing lots of money.

ADVICE: Go to class. That's what you came to college for in the first place, right? You'll want those 4 absences later in the semester in case something comes up (and it always does). If you think about it, 4 absences is really quite a lot, given that there are only 24 class sessions each semester per course. If you are doubting the wisdom of this advice, just ask any current Jaguar.



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