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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Hi to New Jags


Hello! I am Ken, the Student Council president of the BBA 2013 batch.



On behalf of the 2013 BBA batch, I would like to welcome you all aboard to this fantastic journey ahead of you. Exactly a year ago, I was reluctant to join SP Jain for one simple reason. I did not want to be away from home. However, with a little inspiration from my parents and friends, I decided to embark on this once in a lifetime journey that proves to be one of the best decisions I have made so far. Since SP Jain is a small school, students and faculty take little time to know each other. As a result, it is easy to form a second family and a home away from home. So for those of you who are reluctant to study and live away from home,I can assure you that you will not regret studying here in SP Jain.

Please be reminded that your orientation will be on September 3. You should start planning to be settling in at least by the last week of August. Vast opportunities await you during your 8 month stay here in Singapore.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by opportunities. Since I have been elected as the Student Council President in January, I have organized two major events: The Spirit Week and The Farewell Party. The Spirit week is a week filled with fun activities such as competitive sports within the cohort and a mandatory dress code each day. The sports included were basketball, football, table tennis, pool, bowling and many more. The farewell party on the other hand, was a goodbye party for the SP Jain Singapore campus. We presented our professors with different awards that highlighted their characteristics and teaching methods, based off of the professors in the novel Harry Potter.

Who said that Business School has to be boring? I was also part of a Basketball league outside of SP Jain, where our season ended in a bitter 1 point loss in the first round of the playoffs. Other students competed in football and table tennis matches against other Universities. SP Jain opens numerous doors for its students not just academically, but also for the personal interests of each individual.

The sky is the limit for all of you. With the proper connections and the proper communication skills, each and every one of you can accomplish what you might perceive as impossible.

Unfortunately, due to the Tri-city program of SP Jain, we will not be able to meet personally until our third and fourth years in Australia. Welcome once again to our growing Jaguar family, yet goodbye for the meantime.

To get the latest buzz from the different BBA batches, here is a link to SP Jain's very own BBA Blog: ​http://bbablog.spjain.org/​​ simpy click "follow" and you will receive the latest news and updates on your fellow Jaguars.

Lets talk! Add me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Ken.T.20​ or you can reach me via e-mail at kenneth.bba13@spjain.org

Good luck and God bless. See you in Sydney mates.

Kenneth Taguiba
Student Council President
BBA Batch 2013​​



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