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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

From a multicultural background to a multicultural learning experience - Laith Loay Ghazaleh explains why he chose a BBA at SP Jain Global





Growing up with roots in Palestine and the Philippines, Laith Loay Ghazaleh (BBA 2024) was no stranger to diverse cultures and perspectives. From a young age, he was captivated by the idea of becoming a global citizen, and that’s what brought him to SP Jain Global.


In this interview, Laith tells us how his multicultural upbringing and the vibrant, diverse environment at SP Jain Global fuelled his ambition and helped him carve a unique path toward his dreams.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Laith Loay Ghazaleh, and I’m from Palestine and the Philippines. Even though I have lived my entire life in the Middle East, I’ve had an unconventional life being multicultural, but it just acted as a catalyst in becoming a global citizen!

Having that impulsive need to experience every single culture is a personal goal I’ve set out. Competing in every national sport, participating in every cultural event, and eating all the national dishes (my favourite!) are what brings me the most joy. I have a passion to continue learning about the world, and to continue experiencing an unconventional lifestyle while achieving my dreams! Luckily, my close friends back home share the same mindset, so shoutout to my half-Filipinos and the outcasts!


What kind of academic and extracurricular activities helped you prepare for your career?


Two of the most recent activities that I participated in were the GMC (Global Management Competition) and football tournaments. I was lucky enough to lead my team to win the Australian GMC, and will soon represent Australia to compete for the global title! I’ve had my fair share of battles on the football field as well, from competing with the best to winning player-of-the-tournament titles. Being able to compete and lead when the stakes are high have taught me so many things. Taking skills that I’ve learnt such as adapting to your team, being a quicker decision-maker, and remaining composed during tough times have made me more career ready. 


Why did you choose to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at SP Jain Global?


The reason I chose to study BBA at SP Jain Global was my robust interest in Entrepreneurship. The BBA program perfectly aligned with my future goals and presented several opportunities to strengthen my profile. It completely resonated with me that this program is very practical in nature, and it differentiates itself with the Regional Immersion Project (RIP). From the tri-city model all the way to the premier educational services, SP Jain Global provides a platform for you to grow and learn. I wanted to dive into a network where I can learn from renowned professors and immerse myself with like-minded professionals to eventually build my own start-up. 


How did your internships shape your skills and knowledge, and what role did SP Jain Global play in this process?


My internship experiences mostly helped refine my soft skills. I’ve always had a business mindedness and a knack for creativity, but I lacked some professionalism. Small, simple things like effective communication, office mannerisms, and ways of doing things are some of the biggest things I’ve learnt. It may seem straightforward, but it played a huge role in my internship journey.


SP Jain Global acted as an intermediary to help me land my internships. Most of my internships came from professors and their networks. They’ve connected me to HR managers and CEOs in charge of hiring processes, making it much easier to land amazing internships. 


Has the internship experience made an impact on your personal and professional life?


I wasn’t expecting an internship experience to have any contribution to my personal growth, but surprisingly it did. I am a son, a brother, a close friend, a grandson, a co-worker, and I have many other roles in my life. Effectively communicating to each one of them is a tough task, especially being from a multicultural background. Learning soft skills like effective communication and empathy have made it easier in managing all my different relationships. 


Networking and mentorship experiences also played a pivotal role. One of the reasons I joined SP Jain Global was the attractive network it could provide. Whether it’s from the faculties, alumni, or current students, they all played a vital role in where I am today. I landed my previous and current jobs and internships because of my network. 


I would like to mention that even though they were not my mentors officially, Stephan Parker and Richard Coller were always mentoring me whenever they got a chance. Not only did they enhance my current skill set, but they also helped me specifically with things like public speaking, managerial issues, getting internships, and personal development just to name a few. I just want to show my appreciation to them for mentoring me during these years. 


What would you advise the new jaguars who wish to pursue their journey with SP Jain's BBA program?


Every star is there for a reason; they don’t have to fit in with the other stars to be important, they just have to be themselves. In other words, you are bound to face different cultures, opinions, and people. My advice to you is to embrace the differences and not forget who you are in the process.