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What To Bring to Singapore?


Here are some guidelines for what to pack for your first year at S P Jain:

what to bring to singapore


  • Clothes for a hot, steamy climate (Singapore is on the Equator with a jungly temperature).  You can wear shorts, t-shirts and sneakers or flip flops to class if you want. It is very casual.
  • One or two "business" outfits, like a suit, white shirt and tie for guys or a skirt and blazer for girls. You will be making presentations frequently in class, and will wear your suit a lot. Have shoes to match.
  • A sweater, jacket or hoodie. Classrooms are air conditioned and can get cold.
  • Towel.  The dorm on campus comes with sheets, pillow and quilt, but no towel.
  • Something from your country, like a flag, native dress, etc. You will be making presentations about your country.
  • Enough cash to buy food for at least two months (US$800), in case your family has problems making bank transfers.
  • Laptop. This can be Mac or PC, any size of memory. Just make sure you've got Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on it.  There's great wireless all over the campus. You don't need a printer. If computers are expensive in your country, you can buy one in Singapore, where they cost about the same as in the US.
  • Mobile phone. It doesn't need to be a smart phone. You can buy a cheap phone that will do texts in Singapore for about $30. But if you love your cell phone, and it is not "locked", go ahead and bring it. You can get a local pre-paid SIM card in Singapore.
  • Photos of your family and pets. You'll miss them.
  • Musical instrument, if you play.  Tennis racket, if you play.  Whatever makes you "you", as long as it's not too big.  (leave the basketball at home, but bring the shoes)

Do NOT bring a lot of junk. Space in the dorm is really limited. Also, Singapore is a shopper's paradise. It's not cheap, but you can buy practically anything. Mustafa's in Little India (easy to get to on the MRT) is open 24 hours a day, and sells just about everything under the sun at bargain prices. Also, Vivo City, Singapore's largest mall, is an easy bus ride away.  Bringing less is much better than bringing more, unless it's something irreplaceable.  (like a t-shirt with the name of your country on it, for instance). You do NOT need to bring large amounts of make-up, perfume, toothpaste, deodorant, food, etc.

And this should be a great big "duh", but DO NOT BRING ANY DRUGS, CIGARETTES OR ALCOHOL  BECAUSE YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.  No kidding.  The Singaporeans don't joke around about this.  Every year some moron doesn't believe us. Don't even think about it.