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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Aayush Malik | Hyderabad, India

Noteworthy: I am a sports enthusiast. I enjoy playing sports like hand ball, volley ball, cricket etc. I have participated in quite a few MUN's as well. I was also incharge of the organising department in an entrepreneurial venture which was held in my school. I have been learning tea kwon do and karate for almost 10 years.

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20 Countries, 2 Years: Rhys's Story

I started as a small-town boy with no experience traveling, and very little cultural knowledge. I had lived on an island in the US all my life. The unbelievable opportunity S P Jain has given me has changed my complete mindset on the world, on myself, and on how I want to help the world.

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Jags Have Got Talent

When Tang Chi Uy joined S P Jain as a freshman two years ago, he was shy and unsure of himself. So it was little short of amazing -- even to himself -- when he initiatied, organized and served as master of ceremonies for the Dubai campus' Cultural Talent Show. Held on April 2, and supported by a lot of help from Tang's friends and the Global Learning Team, the event featured an astonishing 25 performances from both undergraduate and graduate student cohorts.

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Being a Veg Jag

Being a vegetarian can be an interesting journey, especially when you travel to places like Singapore and Sydney where you need literally hunt for vegetarian food. When I was in Singapore, it was really tough for me to find good places to eat off campus, and I am sure people around me might have felt the same. (The canteen on the Singapore campus has healthy and inexpensive veg meals, cooked Indian style, and you can also get veg offerings at the snack bar.)

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Sustainability Up Close and Personal

The BBA students were very excited to visit the eco-friendly and sustainable city called Masdar city. This was especially because they had learnt about it earlier in 'Corporate and Sustainable Social Responsibility' (SCSR) in semester Two in Singapore and were really fascinated by it. This industrial visit was aimed at sharpening the SCSR aspect of an organization amongst the students.

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BBA-14 Students visit Desert Safari

It was a bright sunny afternoon, when the students set out to experience what the desert has to offer. Each student just as excited as the other, they reached the desert, to find a line of SUVs waiting for them to get on board. By 5 pm, one by one the cars zoomed off into the desert with a group of seven students each. After a thrilling ride they reached the desert base camp, only to find the breathtaking view of the sun setting behind the magnificent stretch of the desert. Students took pictures with the falcon, rode the camel, got personalised souvenirs, and had henna tattoos done on their hands among other fun activities.

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Students go Ice Skating!

An exciting Friday really waited for this day since it was a chance for them to learn a new sport. The students afternoon for the BBA-2014 students started with an afternoon bus ride - around 3:45 pm going to Dubai Mall – where the Ice Rink is located.

Topics: BBA, Dubai Campus, A Jag's Life, Happenings, Jags 2014

A visit to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

Undergraduate students of the BBA 2014 Intake ventured out to visit the BurjKhalifa as part of the Student Life experience in Dubai.

Topics: BBA, Dubai Campus, A Jag's Life, Happenings, Jags 2014, Student Life & Experiences

New Jag: Monique Zabarte (Philippines)

About me: I play the violin, and enjoy reading books and writing stories. I was a member in my high school's volleyball varsity team. I participated in multiple math competitions of varying levels and was a finalist in the regional level of an oratorical competition.

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New Jag: Ayush Jain (India)

Noteworthy: Basketbal National Silver Medalist, got 100/100 in 12th Grade economics, Head of Social Service League, won Student of the Year Award, member of student council, organized charity week

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New Jag: Rohan Ranjit (India)

About me: I’m a friendly extrovert. A total go-getter who actively participates in as many events as possible...ranging from literary events to quizzes to fun group events included in school and college fests.

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