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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

20 Countries, 2 Years: Rhys's Story


I started as a small-town boy with no experience traveling, and very little cultural knowledge. I had lived on an island in the US all my life. The unbelievable opportunity S P Jain has given me has changed my complete mindset on the world, on myself, and on how I want to help the world.

Rhys before

Here's the "before" shot -- me in high school on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Before S P Jain, I was planning on going to a small community college like all my friends and participate in the basic US party college experience. I probably would never have thought about getting a job out of the West Coast let alone the country. Now after two years in SP Jain, my life has changed and so has my future. I have dreams of my own business in foreign lands, and work ing and traveling all over the world.

I had been to one country for 18 years of my life before S P Jain. Now i have explored over 20 in just 2 years with the school. Back home, I don't really relate to my home town friends any more because they're still stuck on the same old things. Many of my old friends have already married, and have a kid on


Traveling around Europe my second summer at S P Jain.

the way at age 19. This very well could have been me, and I would never have been able to see the world and or realize what I would have missed.

Thanks to S P Jain, I have snowboarded in the mountains of Georgia (the country, not the state!), partied on the beaches of Thailand, stayed with a local tribe in Malaysia, and recruited in the busy streets of the Philippines. I'm currently writing this while traveling through Europe to over 12 countries with a few of my Jaguar friends. None of these adventures would have been possible without the opportunity this school has given me.

The world's tallest building

The world's tallest building

The cultural education I have received, combined with the business knowledge I have gained, makes me feel like my future is very bright. I am ecstatic to go to Sydney for my third year of study, and cannot wait for my journey to continue. This is my story, Jags. With S P Jain, you get the power to write your own story. You will all definitely face challenges, whether it be academically, culturally adjusting or living in a strange new city. Just remind

Rhys Camel

First guy from my high school class to ride a camel, that's for sure.

yourself that the knowledge you gain both in and out of the classroom makes it all worthwhile. This program has changed my life forever, and I hope it does the same for you!

~Rhys Mattila, USA, BBA14



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