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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

Journey across continents: My adventure through education and beyond - Akshat Goel

Empowering Tomorrow: Specialised BBA Degree for a Brighter Future

The Tipping Point - Reminisces from my SP Jain Global BBA

How I Secured My Dream Internship with IIT Bombay During My First Year at SP Jain Global: Insights from Trisha Mukherjee, BDS (Intake of 2023)

The toolkit you’ll need to excel in the real world: Insights from Aneri Upadhyay, BBA (Intake of 2020)

The Transformative Tri-city Learning Experiences: Insights from Tu Tran (BBA 2020)

Global Learning and Personal Growth: How the Tri-City BBA is Helping Khushi Gupta

Saucery's Recipe for Disrupting the Industry - Gayatri Bhatia (BBA 2014)

Embracing Diversity and Global Learning with SP Jain Global - Mehrangez Rajabova’s (BBA 2023) Tri-city Experience

How BDS Shaped My Data Science Career - Priyanka Vishnu's SP Jain Journey

Unveiling Boundless Horizons - Nishit Kedia's Tri-city BBA Journey

A Tale of Three Cities: Serena Revelli's Journey of Personal Growth and Exploration with SP Jain's BBA

How BDS helped me gain the right skillset that the market requires

How Passion for Love Changed My Career Trajectory - SPJ Alumni Stories with Varnika Aggarwal

Moving Away from the Traditional Credit Card Model - SPJ Alumni Spotlight with Joel Silverberg (BBA 2014)

Ping Pong Matches to Group Projects - Why Exchange Students Love SPJ Sydney

How the SP Jain brand helped Alyssa land her coveted job?

Turning A Highly Coveted Internship into A Full-Time Role at Amazon - Tushar Sonthalia’s (BDS 2022) Inspiring Story

A Dean’s Lister for Six Semesters, Anushka Rakesh’s, Phenomenal BBA (2022) Transformation

A Business and Communication Enthusiast – Siva Priya Ganti’s high-achieving Journey at SP Jain

A 19-year-old Entrepreneur Carves Her Way for a Better Society - Sanskruti Dhawley’s Phenomenal Story

From a Shy Kid to the Founding President of Girl Up Sydney - Pooja Agrawal’s Incredible Journey

Creating Useful Sustainable Resources for Society - Bhavish Adwani’s Noteworthy Contribution

Characteristics of an Outstanding Leader: Insights from the Global Learning Industry Voices Session by Himanshu Agrawal (Accenture)

Changing the world, one meal at a time – Nicolaas Kimman’s (BBA 2017) story

Making a Difference with a Youthful Voice - Pawena Kaniah's (BBA 2020) Powerful Story

Building a Diverse Expertise & Bagging an International Internship - Vritti Bhambhvani’s Internship Story

Cracking the Selection Process at Amazon - An Interview With Hetvi and Tushar (BDS 2019)

Turning Down Corporate Roles to Build A Dream Company – Shubham Kedia’s Highway to Success

Raghav Bansal’s Step Towards the Entrepreneurial Dream


New Jag 2021: Harshita Tripathi (India, Gwalior)

New Jag 2021: Hồ Thiện Duyên (Vietnam, Vung Tau City)

New Jag 2021: Hồ Mỹ Duyên (Vietnam, Vung Tau City)

New Jag 2021: An Hoa Vo (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)

New Jag 2021: Kirti Mankani (India, Patna)

New Jag 2021: Naysa Goel (India, Panipat)

New Jag 2021: Makhmudov Davronbek (Uzbekistan)

New Jag 2021: Huynh Chau Giang (Vietnam, Quang Nam)

New Jag 2021: Nguyen Lan Huong (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)

New Jag 2021:  Aaditya Kumar (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Pham Vu Khanh Linh (Vietnam, Hanoi)

New Jag 2021: Rishabh banka (India, Kolkata)

New Jag 2021: Loc Quang Nguyen (Vietnam, Dong Hoi)

New Jag 2021: Binsagar Sagheer (India, Thrissur)

New Jag 2021: Asadillo Nurmatov (Uzbekistan, Namangan)

New Jag 2021: Yulti Agarwal (India, Kolkata)

New Jag 2021: Irene Alexandra Murray (Belize)

Embarking on a Global Undergraduate Journey with SP Jain – 12 Parents Share Their Heartfelt Messages

The Journey Towards Becoming a Successful Data Analyst: Rithwik Chhugani’s Story

New Jag 2021: Geetika Ghattamaneni (India, Hyderabad)

New Jag 2021: Cao Thi Thao Quyen (Vietnam, Hanoi)

New Jag 2021: Hrishi Bhandari (India, Bengaluru)

New Jag 2021: Alim Zhanakhmet Talgatuly (Kazakhistan, Balpyk Bi Village)

New Jag 2021: Aitatty Aibek Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek)

New Jag 2021: Dhruv Jain (India, Ludhiana)

New Jag 2021: Ananya Agarwal (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Vanshaj Nirav Mehta (India, Ahmedabad)

New Jag 2021: Utsavi Rajan Bhatia Gandhi (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Deveshi Kachhwah (India, Gurugram)

New Jag 2021: Aizirek Talaibekova (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek)

New Jag 2021: Kibriyo Kurbonchonova (Russia, Moscow)

New Jag 2021: Nurali Rustamov (Uzbekistan, Vabkent)

New Jag 2021: Ibrokhimjon Sobiraliev (Uzbekistan, Fergana)

New Jag 2021: Kshitij Dhariwal (UAE, Dubai)

New Jag 2021: Kulpunai Kurstanbek Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek)

New Jag 2021: Krrish Jitendra Sonigara (India, Pune)

New Jag 2021: Arnav Saraf (India, Guwahati)

New Jag 2021: Kunal Tayal (India, Surat)

New Jag 2021: Mai Nguyen Tuong Vi (Vi) (Vietnam, Dong Nai Province)

New Jag 2021: Ayush Akshay Deshmukh (India, Nashik)

New Jag 2021: Laksh Shah (India, Ahmedabad)

New Jag 2021: Suusarbek Nurbek uulu (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek)

New Jag 2021: Khushi Gupta (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Naman Palta (India, New Delhi)

New Jag 2021: Lee Minsung (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)

New Jag 2021: Riddhi Bhadange (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Huynh Nhu Ngoc (Vietnam, Da Nang)

New Jag 2021: Samica Nilesh Avhad (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Shruti Pimenta (India, Mumbai)

New Jag 2021: Vannia Andrea Yalan Granizo (Peru, Lima)

New Jag 2021: Quynh Nguyen (Vietnam)

New Jag 2020: Sanskruti Dhawley (Pune, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Arpit Goel (India, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Shreyas Nair (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Duong Thi Bao Ngoc (Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam)

New Jag 2020: Brigitte Banalo (Cainta, Filipino)

New Jag 2020: Fatima A. Batalon (Valenzuela city, Filipino)

New Jag 2020: Gayatri Behere (Thane, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Ananya Bhaskar (Katni, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Arnav Goenka (Kolkata, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Yash Raj (Vijayawada, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Ahanaa Vakil (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Manav Agarwal (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Nikhil Vasudevan (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Gargi Asthana (Bengaluru, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Joshua Benzon (Quezon City, Filipino)

New Jag 2020: Krish Sakharkar (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Prakhar Mishra (Varanasi, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Priyanshi Chhabra (Indore, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Siddhant Bhooshan Ostwal (Pune, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Luke Mazarello (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Aishwarya Pandey (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Twisha Pandial (Chennai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Akshat Goel (New Delhi, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Jennica Renee Louise Fernandez (Laguna, Philippines, Filipino)

New Jag 2020: Parth Ramrakhyani (Hyderabad, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Navisha Wadhwa (Kota, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Aditya shah (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Prakruti Makwana (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Mayank Mittal (Delhi, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Dhruvan Reddy Mereddy (Hyderabad, United States of America)

New Jag 2020: Giacomo Antono Pepe Almonte (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Italian)

New Jag 2020: Meghaj Borle (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Pham Ngoc Quang Vinh (Ha Noi, Vietnamese)

New Jag 2020: Abhishek patel (Bharuch, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Devashish Upadhyay (Udaipur, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Atymtay Kyrgyzbay (Shymkent, Kazakh)

New Jag 2020: Azel Bissembayeva (Shymkent, Kazakh)

New Jag 2020: Liz Marie Tejada Adames (Santo Domingo, Dominican)

New Jag 2020: Viren Bachani (India, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Armaan Dhar (Gurgaon, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Dev Bothra (Chennai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Yoqubov Ismoil Yusuf (Tashkent, Uzbek)

New Jag 2020: Sanjan Suresh (Mumbai, Indian)

New Jag 2020: Calvin Kristianto (Kota Denpasar, Indonesia)

New Jag 2020: Yugandha Ardekar (Mumbai, India)

Building a Better Future with Australia’s Leading AI Company - Nguyen Hoang’s Internship Story

Dean’s List, International Internships & Building a Global Perspective - The Story of Jeffrey Lau Kwet Sin (BBA Class of 2020)

New Jag 2020: Wazifah Bibi Warsalee (Vacoas, Mauritius)

Building Practical Experience at UMass Boston - The Internship Story of Dhruvi Nishar and Vedant Kabra

New Jag 2020: Siya Saroj (Singapore)

New Jag 2020: Haykaz Danielyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

Dean’s Lister and President’s Award finalist Anushka Khemka’s inspiring SP Jain journey

New Jag 2020: Tran Dieu Linh (Vinh, Vietnam)

New Jag 2020: Priyal Sandeep Khandelwal (Nashik, India)

New Jag 2020: Calvin Kristianto Thayono (Kota Denpasar, Indonesia)

Pursuing his Childhood Dreams & Ambitions - The Story of Manas Sarda (BBA Class of 2020)

New Jag 2020: Catherine Himawan (Denpasar, Indonesia)

From a science major to business expert: Shashank Bakliwal (UG Class of 2020) story

A year to remember by Raghav Bansal (BEC'18)

‘Celebrating the little successes and the big failures make us stronger as a team’: BBA Students among top 80 in the prestigious HULT Prize Summit 2020

Five Things You Must Know About UNHCR Dubai

Using Machine Learning to Enhance the Banking System - Hai Nguyen’s Internship Story at VPBank

Changing the World, One NGO at a Time – Manthan Shah’s Internship Story

New Jag 2019: Nishit Kedia (Hyderabad, India)

New Jag 2019: C Sneha Sree (Secunderabad, India)

New Jag 2019: Rhea Phulwani (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania)

New Jag 2019: Yeggina Kalyan (Vijayawada, India)

New Jag 2019: Albert Anthony Thedja (Bali, Indonesia)

New Jag 2019: Prasidhi Poddar (Cuttack, India)

New Jag 2019: Shriti Milan Shah (Dubai, UAE)

New Jag 2019: Gautam Kumar Agrawal (Ranchi, India)

New Jag 2019: Tanisha Singhvi (Jodhpur, India)

New Jag 2019: Ghattamaneni Hanumantha Rao (Hyderabad, India)

New Jag 2019: Begzod Rahmonberdiev (Istaravshan, Tajikistan)

New Jag 2019: Nainika Gokaraju (Hyderabad, India)

New Jag 2019: Priyanka Vishnuprasad (Chennai, India)

New Jag 2019: Rishabh Bhatia (Kolkata, India)

New Jag 2019: Paula Chacon (Mexico)

New Jag 2019: Jun Young Jae (Seoul, South Korea)

New Jag 2019: Aditya Agarwal (Kolhapur, India)

New Jag 2019: Hishika Choksi (Sharjah, UAE)

New Jag 2019: Videh Banthia (Ahmedabad, India)

New Jag 2019: Van Phuoc Ngo (Lam Dong, Vietnam)

New Jag 2019: Atharva Kamtekar (Mumbai, India)

New Jag 2019: Serena Maria Revelli (Milan, Italy)

New Jag 2019: Abhishek Tiwari (Kolkata, India)

New Jag 2019: Christine Joy L. Sicat (Cebu, Philippines)

New Jag 2019: Ilyos Egamberdiev (Namangan, Uzbekistan)

New Jag 2019: Tushar Tayal (Tezpur, India)

Conducting an Independent Research Study at IIT Bombay - Pratiksha Sharma’s Internship Story

New Jag 2019: Swetlana Narasimhulu (Saint-Pierre, Mauritius)

New Jag 2019: Jenik Soni (Jamshedpur, India)

New Jag 2019: Nakul Chowdhary (Jamshedpur, India)

New Jag 2019: Arpita Shukla (Kanpur, India)

New Jag 2019: Eudimace Faith Miclat Esguerra (Manila, Philippines)

New Jag 2019: Manav Kanojia (Mumbai, India)

Sweetening Up E-Commerce - Saveri Philkana’s Summer Internship at Mondelez

New Jag 2019: Andrei Joiri Adolfo Teves (Cebu, Philippines)

New Jag 2019: Nguyen Thi Minh Anh (Bac Ninh, Vietnam)

New Jag 2019: Shubham Sharma (Mumbai, India)

New Jag 2019: Ishika Khurana (Amritsar, India)

What Were Our BBA’16 Jaguars up to This Summer?

New Jag 2019: Maria Cerqueira (Brazil)

New Jag 2019: Smriti Agarwal (Jamshedpur, India)

A Model of Sustainability – Dubai’s First Net Zero Energy Community

Celebrating our Student Achievements – BDS Class of 2018

Building a Home Away from Home in France – An Interview with Maureen Wilando

Top 6 Things You Should Look for in an Internship

Fried Platter of Intestines, Pigeon and Catfish? Yum!

BBA’17 Jaguars share their experience at the MBC HACK 2019

Barcelona During Las Fallas and Sant Jordi – Dan Ng’s Student Exchange Story

Performics, Purpose & Pong – Rohan Bhatia’s Internship Story

Going Viral at Asia World Model United Nations - Meerim Imarbekova’s Story

Things You Learn on a Student Exchange in France - An Interview with Kalyani Iyer

Marhaba Dubai! Global learning in a multicultural hub with over 200 nationalities

An Economic Carol

We travelled to 75 countries in 5 hours – Want to know how?

BBA'15: Ode to the Legacy