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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

A Tale of Three Cities: Serena Revelli's Journey of Personal Growth and Exploration with SP Jain's BBA


I am Serena Maria Revelli, and I am a world citizen, even though my passport might say I am Italian. Choosing SP Jain was one of the best choices of my life, and when people ask me if I would choose it again, my answer is YES! I fell in love with SP Jain the first time I learnt about the school while browsing Instagram. I was still in high school then. What pushed me to join was the possibility of living in Singapore and Dubai, my favourite cities.


My journey started in Singapore, at my favourite SP Jain campus. In Singapore, the Global Learning team made every single week memorable by organising multiple activities that allowed us to discover the Singaporean culture, cuisine, law, and more. 2020 was the best year of my life because I could move to Dubai for the following three semesters of studies. The city of Dubai is so advanced and safe, and I loved learning about the local religion and customs. In 2022, I moved to Sydney for the final three semesters. While Sydney as a city might not count among my favourites, I loved the SP Jain campus so much! It was modern and brand new; we were the first batch inaugurating it. I especially loved the faculty in Sydney – they were highly knowledgeable.


Over the last four years, I learnt a lot about different cultures – I travelled around India for three weeks with my best friend and ended up sharing an apartment in Sydney with a girl from Mexico and one from Kazakhstan. Whoever thought in 2019 that I would learn so much about these cultures so far away from my own?


I have been studying and working from day one. In Singapore, I had two jobs. I worked as a waitress and also handled marketing and sales in an office. In Dubai, I worked in operations in an extremely cool office just ten minutes away from campus and in promotions. Lastly, in Sydney, I worked with multiple events on weekends or evenings and in an office on the 50th floor as a sales manager in the afternoons. My corporate experiences made me realise that I want to be an entrepreneur rather than work for someone else. That is why I intend to start a business in Dubai, my favourite city among the three, even though I majored in Marketing and minored in Finance. But before doing that, I plan to join Emirates as their Cabin Crew while pursuing higher education online. SP Jain got me addicted to travelling, and I cannot stop discovering this fantastic world full of diversity!

My advice to the upcoming batch is to study and work hard. Do not forget that you joined to pursue a degree and learn. Moreover, SP Jain is full of people from diverse backgrounds - do not stick to two or three friends; take this opportunity to interact with people across cultures, ideas, and opinions. Go and talk to everyone, do not be shy! Take the opportunity to use your term breaks to travel with your friends and discover nearby countries. Especially have fun, because these four years will be the best years of your life!


Serena Revelli (BBA intake of 2019) is a 22-year-old Italian girl with an insatiable appetite for adventure and a heart full of wanderlust. With 69 countries already under her belt, Serena will soon be joining Emirates as their Cabin Crew and is always on the lookout for her next destination to explore and people to connect with.

When she's not jet-setting across the globe, Serena can be found indulging in her love for exotic cuisine, though as a vegetarian, she's always on the hunt for the perfect veggie dish. She has studied seven languages professionally and aims to maintain fluency in all of them.




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