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How I Secured My Dream Internship with IIT Bombay During My First Year at SP Jain Global: Insights from Trisha Mukherjee, BDS (Intake of 2023)



I’ve always believed in the quote, “Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.” I think we can all agree that Bruce Lee hit the nail on the head with that one! Hi, I’m Trisha, a first-year student at SP Jain Global pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science. My path hasn’t always been linear, but it’s been paved with incredible experiences and invaluable lessons, some of which I’ll touch upon throughout this read.

Looking back, the flames of my career aspirations were kindled during my academic years. My fascination with coding projects and hackathons in high school fueled my decision to major in Data Science at university. Beyond academics, I actively participated in extracurriculars such as the student council and trained in karate, which ensured a healthy balance during my schooling years and honed my communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills – all fundamental for success in the professional world.

I consider myself lucky to have been able to land an internship at the start of my first year under a professor from IIT Bombay. This project was headed by Professor Ashish Das, faculty at IIT Bombay, and funded by Moneylife, founded by Padma Shri Awardee Sucheta Dalal. During this research-based internship, I assisted with collecting, compiling, and analysing bank service charges across various sectors in India. The project ended with a report on our findings, which will be sent to the Governor of RBI. This experience exposed me to the practical applications of my theoretical knowledge, and I discovered a newfound passion for research-related projects. I believe this internship equipped me with valuable technical skills, boosted my confidence, and solidified my career path.

Networking and mentorship played a pivotal role in my journey. Reaching out to professionals at industry events and workshops opened doors to invaluable insights and career advice. A special thanks go to my incredible mentor, Dr Abhijit Dasgupta, who provided me with unwavering support and guidance throughout my academic and professional endeavours. His industry expertise and genuine encouragement were instrumental in navigating decisions and overcoming challenges.

Speaking of challenges, there were bumps along the road. During my first internship, I felt overwhelmed by the workload and doubted my abilities. However, reaching out to my mentor and peers, seeking help, and breaking down the tasks into smaller, manageable steps helped me regain my confidence and ultimately deliver successful results. This experience taught me the importance of proactive communication, resilience, and the power of collaboration.

As I reflect on my journey, here are a few key takeaways for fellow students which I trust could be of value towards their professional journeys:

Pursue your curiosities: Explore different avenues within your field of interest. You might discover a hidden passion that shapes your career path.

Embrace internships: Internships provide invaluable hands-on experience and allow you to test the waters of your chosen field.

Seek mentorship: A good mentor can guide you, offering invaluable advice and support throughout your career.

Network actively: Build connections with professionals in your industry. Networking opens doors to opportunities and provides you with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Don't be afraid to ask for help: Asking questions and seeking help from peers and colleagues demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow. Remember, no one knows everything!

Looking ahead, I'm brimming with excitement for what the future holds. I’ve always remembered that everyone’s journey is unique, but never underestimate your potential, especially compared to someone else’s journey. You can carve your path to success with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. It’s never too late to get yourself out there and chase your dreams!



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