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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Welcoming BBA'13 Batch to our Sydney Campus!


Sydney campus has been a-buzz with welcoming BBA 13 and our equally well-loved exchange students in a three-day orientation.



Wednesday the 26th August was all about settling in on campus and feeling at home and the next day was a rather more abstract experience.

Senior Constable Shannon and Senior Constable Paul were first on the bill, discussing personal safety and emergency procedure in Sydney. Kevin Marshall's empowering session 'Fight like a Girl' followed with some wise advice and practical ideas that stop us from freezing motionless when we are afraid.

Although Sydney is regarded as a safe city - it is important to always remain aware and not take any risks with commuting. For instance, spending long periods unduly waiting for trains or buses, especially at night, is unnecessary when we can use transport Apps to have perfect timing!

We enjoyed a welcome BBQ outside the campus cafeteria.

Let's go Surfing's Julia Volz talked about this Aussie art form to our new students. A confident surfer and gifted communicator, Julia had us looking forward to spring surfing later this month.The Sydney City Council arevery supportive of international students and sent three of their ambassadors to meet with us. They took time to bring us excellent information and reach out a hand of friendship. James Kwa, a truly global citizen and community minded student from University of NSW shared his experiences and advice with us, and it was good to exchange ideas.



BATYR presented 'giving voice to the elephant in the room' speaking honestly about depression and isolation. We were reminded how important vulnerability and honesty is, in breaking down walls that keep us from feeling supported and included. We realised the value of being a friend in time of need and to look out for our classmates if they are having a tough time. The pressure of high expectations and study stress is eased with reliable and steadfast friendships.

After some afternoon tea we had a sea change and headed over to the aquatic centre for a tour. It is an impressive facility, and it was ringing with activity and action! This brought to a close a full and interesting day two.



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