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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

Ojal Mutyapwar (BBA Sep'17) shares her SP Jain Dubai Campus experience

Semester 3 is almost over and I’m sure none of us realised how it passed by with all the fun-filled activities – the Ferrari World, the Desert Safari and the Atlantis Water Park. We also participated in Spirit Week to celebrate campus pride. Dubai gave us a lot of opportunities in terms of internships and industrial visits for which I would love to thank Ms. Megna and Ms. Alison!

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New Jag: Vashish (Mauritius)

Hey guys, I'm Vashish from Mauritius; a little panacean tropical island lost in the Indian Ocean or home as I call it. It is a refuge, but so is heaven.

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New Jag: Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)

Message: Hello Fellow Jaguars! How are you? My name is Mirlan. I am from Kyrgyzstan, a very beautiful country located in Central Asia. I am so excited  to meet all of you. And I wholeheartedly believe that we will get along with each other and have a great time together.

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New Jag: Aruzhan (Kazakhstan)

Message: I am from a great country named Kazakhstan, from the southern part the sunny city called Shymkent. I graduated school and got the red diploma after graduation.

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New Jag: Ziiana (Kyrgyzstan)

Hello fellow Jaguars!! My name is Ziiada, and I am from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. I think we, all of us, will spend our student life as wonderfully as we can. For me, it is really interesting to study with all of you - who came from around the world.

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New Jag: Pankaj (India)

Noteworthy:  MUN participant; organized event; participated in various marketing activities; in charge of the production department of the Biz Club; active volunteer in school enterprise challenge for two years

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New Jag: Shreyak Chaudhary | Ghaziabad, India

Hey, people. My name is Shreyak and I'm from Vasundhra Ghaziabad. I've done my schooling from DAV and made my school proud of my sporty skills. I represented my school as well as my state in the Delhi nationals plus the All India Badminton Championship. I'm a guitarist and singer too.

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New Jag: Alex (Spain)

Passions and interests: I love playing and watching soccer. I am a big fan of FC Barcelona, as it is the team of my hometown. I also enjoy taking photographs and travelling around the world.

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New Jag: Suvekchya (India)

Noteworthy: Badminton player | Passions: Photography and traveling the world

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New Jag: Anushka Rai | Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Noteworthy: I have made a tremendous journey while playing basketball, from being the captain of my team to playing three nationals and winning the best player award. I have been the leader in my projects back at school like the cancer foundation, building a washroom for girls, eye camp etc. Also have been a part of five MUN’s.

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New Jag: Arjav (India)

Noteworthy: Cricketer, volleyball star | Passions: Listening to music

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