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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag 2020: Liz Marie Tejada Adames (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Liz Marie Tejada Adames is an animal lover (especially dogs!) from Santo Domingo who enjoys singing, acting, social service, and going to the gym.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2020

New Jag 2020: Prakruti Makwana (Mumbai, India)

Prakruti Makwana from Mumbai, India enjoys spending time on arts and crafts and loves baking, reading, and playing tennis. She is also an astronomy enthusiast who loves stargazing.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2020

New Jag 2020: Dev Bothra (Chennai, India)

Dev Bothra from Chennai, India enjoys swimming, photography, and playing badminton.

Before joining SP Jain, Dev was part of the International Robotics Olympiad, and also attended a space program at NASA.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2020

New Jag 2020: Catherine Himawan (Denpasar, Indonesia)

Catherine Himawan from Denpasar, Indonesia loves dancing, singing, acting, and reading. She was among the top 15% of her class during her high school graduation and was crowned the ‘Love Ambassador’ during the China-Indonesia Culture and art Exchange Festival Awards Ceremony 2019.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2020

New Jag 2020: Armaan Dhar (Gurugram, India)

Armaan Dhar from Gurugram, India loves playing basketball, listening to good music, and spending time with his friends. Before joining SP Jain, Armaan was the captain of his district basketball team.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2020