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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

Seeing the World at Global Village

Since coming back from winter vacation, the BBA 2014 batch spent their first student life event of the second semester at the Global Village in Dubai. Students was to meet and be briefed at the main entry gate at 5 PM. After having passed all the entry tickets, students proceeded to join the rest of the crowd entering the gate, which was an exceptional replica of the St. Basil cathedral in Russia. The students broke into different smaller groups and moved quickly to explore the different ‘corners of the world’. The park was filled not only with masses of different people from different countries, but with well-designed replicas of different national wonders and architecture celebrating the different cultures that were showcased. To mention a few, the Opera House of Sydney, the Taj Mahal of India, and the Eiffel tower of France. The park caters to all, as this tourist destination allocates big sectors for each country to hold different shop stalls.

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Governing the Future - an Experiment

Have you ever realised how different we are from one another? Each individual has a different imagination and perception of how the future world is going to be. If someone had the option to form the ministries of the future, what would be considered as a department of miracles as an option? One such thought-provoking experiment was recently conducted at UTS, along with a few others from SP Jain School of Global Management, students got the opportunity to be a part of a discussion which looked at the aspects of forming a new imaginative world order and how it would look.

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Channel NewsAsia Invites Jags' Comments at World Review

Students from the S P Jain Undergraduate batch in Singapore were invited to participate on a panel by the Channel NewsAsia to discuss the most important global issues that happened in 2015. The event was held at the National Gallery and was called World Review 2015.

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Singapore Jags Hit a Bulls Eye in Archery

As soon as students reached the venue, one could feel the energy buzzing through the air. BBA students made their way to Home Team NS to learn Archery. The facilitators greeted everyone with passionate introductions and instructions, as students quickly got into lines of five to try their hand at shooting. They had big bows, and arrows with sponges for safety purposes. After a small practice round, everyone got accustomed to the game and found that it was actually pretty simple to shoot.

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Do You Dream Of Becoming A Global Business Leader?

Do you dream of becoming a global business leader? What do you think it takes to become the best, the brightest and the most successful? If you’re of school leaving age, SP Jain School of Global Management is here to help you answer those questions.

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