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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Jags Publish in FinTech News


Getting published is a life goal of many people, and a major triumph in any career. Many professors work for years before getting an article published. Imagine the euphoria, then, when a team of first-year Jaguars, most of them just 18 years old, saw their regional   immersion project results published in the prestigious FinTech Singapore, an online newsletter devoted to the financial technology industry.

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The group, called Cassiopeia, consisted of five students: Chi Vu Quynh Le; Rashi Behani; Tanushree Kumar; Shahana Doolull, and Shashank Bakliwal, and conducted research under the supervision of Prof. Shalini Chandra. Their research asked, "How are FinTech based enterprises bringing about a ‘Positive Disruption’ in Singapore?" Cassiopeia is a team of 5 individuals who study at SP Jain School of Global Management. The group commented, "We use our combined cultural knowledge of Vietnam, India and Mauritius to develop our work and evolve a more comprehensive point of view to the research."

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"I am so proud of these students," said Prof Golo Weber, dean of undergraduates at the Singapore campus. "How many first-year college students achieve publishable results from research? The answer is almost none. This publication is proof of the professional level of our students' work, and is a public endorsement for S P Jain's hands-on approach to education. I can see that this will be the first of many such successes, for these particular students and other Jaguars in the future."

Check out their article at: http://fintechnews.sg/10737/fintech/fintech-based-enterprises-bringing-positive-disruption-singapore/



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