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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

What Were Our BBA’16 Jaguars up to This Summer?

Students from our BBA intake of 2016 are already preparing for their last year at SP Jain Sydney before they officially graduate! So, how did they spend their last summer break before they step out into the world as SP Jain graduates? We caught up with some of our students to find out.

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Governing the Future - an Experiment

Have you ever realised how different we are from one another? Each individual has a different imagination and perception of how the future world is going to be. If someone had the option to form the ministries of the future, what would be considered as a department of miracles as an option? One such thought-provoking experiment was recently conducted at UTS, along with a few others from SP Jain School of Global Management, students got the opportunity to be a part of a discussion which looked at the aspects of forming a new imaginative world order and how it would look.

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The Rocks Aboriginal heritage tour

Part of being an informed Global citizen is fostering cultural understanding. Most countries seem to have a deep and complex relationship with their indigenous people and Australia is no exception. When it comes to national identity we all stand proudly behind the ancient, unique and mysterious Aboriginal culture and iconography. However when there are difficult social issues in indigenous communities it is easy to forget this magnificent inheritance to Australia and the whole of the world.

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A trip to Canberra!

The road trip to Canberra is fairly long for a day trip, and if you are vegetarian the options are even more unpalatable at the roadside stops. We had a secret weapon though, we were carrying our own picnic lunch in the event that hunger would strike while we were far from home.
It was a prompt departure in the half-light, at 6.10am which enabled an 11.00am arrival at the NASA- Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre (CDSCC).

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Welcoming BBA'13 Batch to our Sydney Campus!

Sydney campus has been a-buzz with welcoming BBA 13 and our equally well-loved exchange students in a three-day orientation.

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Friends for Life: Mix & Mingle 2015

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the S P Jain Alumni spirit alive and bright, Friends for Life held its second event this year in Sydney, Mix & Mingle, on the 3rd of September 2015 at the SP Jain Sydney Campus Leadership Hall and Café.

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Your Professors in Sydney

I have over 24 years academic educational experience.I have has taught both locally and internationally in a diverse range of economics, finance and management subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have extensive experience, teaching numerous subjects in the undergraduate programs at University of Western Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University,as well as the Catholic University and ACPE. I have taught in the Master of Professional Accounting degree at the University of Western Sydney as well as the MBA program at University of Technology Sydney. Additionally I am an adjunct lecturer at Sydney Graduate School of Management.

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