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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

New Jag: Karel De Bauw (Brussels)


Hi fellow classmates! I am Karel from Brussels and am joining SP Jain’s BBA Program in 2018. I come from a pretty and small country called Belgium, located in the center of Europe – a country where people speak Dutch, French, or German. I adore living abroad, meeting people, and learning about their culture and habits. I lived in Taiwan during the past year, where I studied Chinese a language which I still practice. I am also passionate about food and cooking; Asian food, in particularly, satisfies me a lot! I have been a Scout since I was six years old where I became a leader. Furthermore, I am an aviation enthusiast and I enjoy hiking. I enjoy the occasional Television series on a cosy, rainy day.

Karel De Bauw

Name: Karel De Bauw | Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about studying abroad for the next four years! I can’t wait to meet you
all in January and discover these 3 different countries together. See you soon, Jaguars!

Feel free to meet me on Instagram: kareldebauw



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