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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

A Dean’s Lister for Six Semesters, Anushka Rakesh’s, Phenomenal BBA (2022) Transformation

A traveller by passion, I decided to opt for SP Jain’s tri-city model of the Bachelors of Business Administration (2022) program. I had one clear goal in mind; I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and become more confident.

Topics: A Jag's Life, Jags 2018, SP Jain School of Global Management, SPJ Class of 2022

A Business and Communication Enthusiast – Siva Priya Ganti’s high-achieving Journey at SP Jain

I never imagined studying business for my undergraduate degree, nor was I keen to understand how it functions. However, at the end of Grade 12, the fields of marketing and communication piqued my interest. Being passionate about English literature, I had explored the creative aspects of the language, but I soon discovered that I had an appetite for professional communication. Hence, the Bachelor of Business Communication (BBC) program at SP Jain, which offers a unique combination of business and communication, became my destination. 

Topics: SP Jain School of Global Management, Jag 2020

A 19-year-old Entrepreneur Carves Her Way for a Better Society - Sanskruti Dhawley’s Phenomenal Story

Even as the pandemic took a mental toll on us, a strong-headed Sanskruti didn’t let it deter her aspirations to create sustainability and change for society.

19-year-old Sanskruti Dhawley (BBA intake of 2020) founded Synergia with an aim to spread health resilience amidst COVID-19 and build strong mental and physical health through Yoga and Meditation. A Dean-lister student and a Yoga entrepreneur, she is also the Project Head at UPAY’s Campaign Manzil.

Topics: SP Jain School of Global Management, Jag 2020

From a Shy Kid to the Founding President of Girl Up Sydney - Pooja Agrawal’s Incredible Journey

Pooja Agrawal (BBA 2018) started her SP Jain journey in Mumbai with hopes of travelling the world and breaking her comfort zone.

Topics: Jags 2018, SP Jain School of Global Management, SPJ Class of 2022

Creating Useful Sustainable Resources for Society - Bhavish Adwani’s Noteworthy Contribution

The desire to live a sustainable and conscious life originated from within around the time when I was in sixth grade. Since then, I’ve been a proponent of sustainability and have had the opportunity to study more about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When I was voted president of my high school student council in Grade 11, I was inspired to give back to society. As one of my first initiatives, I began humanitarian work with the hopes of having a good impact on society and mankind.

Topics: Jags 2018, SP Jain School of Global Management, SPJ Class of 2022

Characteristics of an Outstanding Leader: Insights from the Global Learning Industry Voices Session by Himanshu Agrawal (Accenture)


Topics: Visiting Wisdom at SP Jain, Jags2021, SP Jain Dubai

Changing the world, one meal at a time – Nicolaas Kimman’s (BBA 2017) story

Today, let's meet our BBA graduate Nicolaas Kimman (Founder & General Manager of Ragam Foundation), a problem-solver dedicated to making a better world.

Ragam (meaning diversity) Foundation, a non-profit organisation, aims to tackle the variety of issues that Bali, Indonesia, is facing. It implements several key initiatives and programs that interconnect in order to have a sustainable and significant impact. Nicolaas and his team ensure that thousands of 'bungkus' nutritious homemade meals reach Bali's most vulnerable communities every week and provide income opportunities, access to clean water and much more.

Topics: Jags 2017, Alumni Stories

Making a Difference with a Youthful Voice - Pawena Kaniah's (BBA 2020) Powerful Story

An SEO specialist, a published author, a content creator, a podcaster – Pawena Kaniah (BBA 2020) has already been creating a strong impact in the world today. Aligning stereotypes with reality and busting myths, 25-year-old Pawena is a robust and youthful voice that uplifts society courageously.

Being a youthful source of fierce conviction, her ideologies and methods of showcasing them have significantly been intriguing. Let's find out a bit more about Pawena and her incredible journey.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2021

Building a Diverse Expertise & Bagging an International Internship - Vritti Bhambhvani’s Internship Story

After completing Grade 12, Vritti Bhambhvani (BBA Intake of 2018) was confused about which career path to take; but there was one thing she knew for sure – she wanted to explore the globe and experience the different cultures. This was one of the main reasons Vritti opted for SP Jain’s tri-city Bachelor of Business Administration – a globally renowned program that would allow her to add value to her education, meet people from 30+ countries, travel across continents, and learn about the diverse global cultures first-hand. Today, as Vritti is about to complete the last semester of her undergraduate studies, she’s already accomplished all that she wanted from this program and more.

How did Vritti’s time at SP Jain help her build a global mindset? How did her international internships help shape her understanding of the global business world? We caught up with Vritti for a quick conversation to find out.

Topics: BBA, Jags 2021

Cracking the Selection Process at Amazon - An Interview With Hetvi and Tushar (BDS 2019)

Tushar Sonthalia and Hetvi Dedhia, our final year Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) students, have achieved some great professional milestones at a very young age. While Tushar is currently working as a Machine Learning Researcher at Adaptive Investment Solutions (a FinTech start-up based out of Boston), Hetvi recently wrapped up her 6-month internship at ACG Worldwide where she worked as a Data Science Intern.

Tushar and Hetvi also recently landed an internship at Amazon – achieving a highly coveted milestone for any undergraduate student. How did they crack the selection process at Amazon and land this role? We caught up with Tushar and Hetvi to learn more about their journey.

Topics: Jags 2021

Turning Down Corporate Roles to Build A Dream Company – Shubham Kedia’s Highway to Success

Many-a-times you get carried away with the opportunities that lie in front of you instead of taking the path that you’ve always wanted. Pursuing your passion as an entrepreneur comes with great risk but with the right knowledge, skills and business exposure, you will be able to lead a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Our SP Jain alumnus, Shubham Kedia, from the BBA ’14 batch, is an example of a passionate entrepreneur who turned down two major corporate roles and chose to start a business of his own. Read on to know more about his journey.

Topics: Jags 2021