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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Akhilesh Toree - Mauritius

I hail from Mauritius. I am excited to join SP Jain's BBA Program in Sep'2018 and meet my fellow Jags on the Singapore Campus. Before meeting you guys in person, let me introduce myself as a big football enthusiast. This explains why I was an obvious choice for my school football team. Apart from that, I also enjoy playing 'badminton and table tennis.

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New Jag: Jordan Ramane (Mauritius)

Hello, my fellow Jags! I’m Jordan from Mauritius and impatiently waiting to finally embark on a new journey together with you guys at the SP Jain's Singapore Campus.

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New Jag: Rushita Akoliya (India)

I am Rushita Akoliya, 18, and a proud citizen of the colorful country, India. Currently preparing for my last semester of IB Diploma Program at Al-Rayan, I am super excited to be a part of this year’s September 2018 intake at SP Jain School of Global Management soon.

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New Jag: Nguyen Thi Hoang Lan (Vietnam)

Hello my fellows! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys. I’m from Haiphong, Vietnam and will be joining the BBA program in January 2018. I’m fond of reading books, writing short stories, and I even love acting. I am passionate about travelling and exploring the world. I want to enjoy my life through different views, places, foods, and people. When you first meet me, I might appear to be a shy girl, but after you know me a bit, you will realise how active I am. I hope that we have 4 memorable years together!

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New Jag: Dang Thi Linh (Vietnam)

Hi jags, I am Linh from Vietnam and I will join SP Jain’s BBA Program in Jan 2018. I am really eager to meet you and join you in our school life in SP Jain. I love volunteering and I used to help take care of Vietnamese Heroic Mother in the town where I live. Recently, I also gave food and winter clothing to homeless people in Hanoi. These might be small things, but I am glad to have had the chance to experience and sympathize with others’ lives.

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Promoting Campus Spirit and Creating Special Memories with SP Jain Dubai Spirit Week 2017

If we are going to talk about the memories that the students of the BBA Program created in our Dubai year, we definitely need to talk about the Spirit Week held between 24th – 31st October 2017. While planning the spirit week activities, some students were asking ‘What is this for’ or ‘What activities are we going to do?’ - questions that we always responded with ‘Just wait... it’s going to be awesome!’

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New Jag: Jasmine Jeremy T. Paras (Laguna)

Hey folks, I am Jasmine from Laguna, Philippines and I’ll be joining SP Jain’s BBA Program in January 2018. I can't wait to start this journey with you! I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Jaguars. I am extremely passionate about Theatre, and was a member of my school’s theatre group since I was in grade school. People might classify me as a shy and quiet girl, but once you get to know me, I promise I’ll be a constant adventure buddy for you! To travel around the world has always been a dream of mine.Let's make our stay at SP Jain the best years of our lives. See you around campus!

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New Jag: Karel De Bauw (Brussels)

Hi fellow classmates! I am Karel from Brussels and am joining SP Jain’s BBA Program in 2018. I come from a pretty and small country called Belgium, located in the center of Europe – a country where people speak Dutch, French, or German. I adore living abroad, meeting people, and learning about their culture and habits. I lived in Taiwan during the past year, where I studied Chinese a language which I still practice. I am also passionate about food and cooking; Asian food, in particularly, satisfies me a lot! I have been a Scout since I was six years old where I became a leader. Furthermore, I am an aviation enthusiast and I enjoy hiking. I enjoy the occasional Television series on a cosy, rainy day.

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New Jag: Duong Quynh Vy (Vietnam)

Hello jaguars! I am Duong Quynh Vy from Vietnam and am joining SP Jain’s BBA Program in 2018! I am excited about my journey with all of you, adapting to new environments while studying abroad.
I enjoy volunteering and have been involved with the Earth Hours Campaign and have engaged with many orphanages while I was in Vietnam. While it is often very tiring, these experiences have helped me become who I am today.

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From an Umpire to a Franchise Owner – The Story of Krish Chhatwal

Being a BBA Finance Student from SP Jain School of Global Management, I was always curious to find new opportunities in my surroundings. It is always logical to use theoretical knowledge to best practice when you are out there in the business world.

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BBA Dean's List Announcement!

Well done to all students who qualified for the Dean’s list – you should be very proud of your achievements as we are very proud of you.Wishing you all the best for the future.

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