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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Govind's Story: 5 Ways My Life Has Changed


After having spent almost two years (in Singapore & Dubai) of my life at S P Jain School of Global Management, living the life of a Jaguar has changed me dramatically. Here is a list of the five biggest changes I have experienced halfway through my tri-city BBA course.



Public Speaking Skills – I was a public speaker at high school. However, I used to participate in most events forcefully. This changed dramatically. After taking a course on Business Oral Communications, I started grabbing the smallest of opportunities to speak about any topic. Slowly, public speaking turned into a hobby. With each event, I have been able to enhance both my knowledge and experience. To be a successful leader in any organization, it is crucial for one to know how to communicate his thoughts fluently. This is what S P Jain has instilled in me.

Confidence – There would be nothing better than a personal story to describe this very important point. Prior to my long story, I would like to state there is no course in S P Jain for Personality Development (:p). Here comes my wonderful story! While at high school I was known as someone who was quiet yet talented i.e. someone who underestimated himself and did not have confidence about how good he was. This was the sole reason why I was considered incapable of being the leader (Head-boy) of the school. Subsequent to the completion of my first year in Singapore, I came back to Dubai and visited my high-school. This is where things changed and my ego sky-rocketed to levels unknown to mankind (however that was only for a matter of five minutes). I met my mentor who was also my economics professor. I had a short five minute conversation with him. Here are the exact words he uttered when I was about to leave his office, “You’ve changed Govind. You’ve become as confident as you should have been and I am glad to see that change.” This is what S P Jain has done for me.

Independence – Moving to Singapore for my first year of the BBA course was definitely a big step. I had never been away from my house or my parents for more than a week and this was my first long journey away. Being independent involves several aspects from self-discipline to time, task and money management. Without family around me, I developed a sense of responsibility for everything I did. This is what S P Jain has helped inculcate in me.

Work-life Balance – The importance of a balancing act in “life” is highly underrated. In 17 years of schooling, my life was only dominated by “work” i.e. studies, assignments, homework & exams. After joining S P Jain I realized how that is not the way any person needs to live life. Yes, I agree work is crucial and should be given a considerable degree of importance but over the past two years I have learned that only focusing on work hinders one’s path to all round development. Activities such as socialization, maintaining relationships, keeping time out for things you love doing and sports or training is mandatory to grow as an individual apart from your work-related goals. This is what S P Jain has helped me realize.

Application of Learning – If one belongs to a high school that teaches subjects on basis of the Indian curriculum, he/she will know how rote learning is encouraged as a method to achieve maximum marks. I was one of the students most influenced by this ideology. It was because I knew this was the only way I could get the marks I needed to keep myself happy. However with S P Jain’s Business Education 2.0 the primary focus is on real life experiences, logic, application and pragmatic learning. It is about understanding concepts in the classroom and then applying them through several projects and assignments. Some of these projects even involve direct contact with several companies in the different regions of the BBA programme for research and learning. This is how S P Jain is preparing me for my future.

In conclusion, the credit for my positive transformations can be attributed to S P Jain’s world-class faculty, my friends and family. Being half way through my course I am proud to see immense changes in my lifestyle and personality.

~Govind BBA12



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