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Why Study Abroad? More Reasons...


In today’s global marketplace, why is it that so many students fail to explore the world and study abroad?

The business world clearly demands a global mindset. Individuals who can work across borders and cultures and languages will find their skills in high demand. And yet, many students fail to take advantage of this time in their lives when they can explore a new place. Instead, they do their full schooling in their home country.

Why? And what can we do about it?

  • Because they fear they will miss out on job-hunting opportunities back home. We need to arrange the annual recruiting process so that students who study abroad are not penalized and have the same opportunity to find jobs as their classmates.
  • Because there is no funding for study abroad. Too often, students avoid studying abroad out of financial hardship. We should make study abroad an option that all students can afford.
  • Because they are too comfortable at home. This is perhaps the most dangerous of the reasons. If students can’t see themselves participating in the global marketplace, they will miss out on great opportunities and the world will miss out on great talent that may be staying home rather than venturing out. We must encourage students to avoid the “Galapagos Syndrome” of becoming too isolated in one environment.

Globalization is a force that has changed all industries and we must educate our students to be ready for it. This means experiencing the global marketplace during the learning years.

Hiroshi Mikitani

Hiroshi Mikitani

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn
Photo credit: BrunoDelzant



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