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A Business and Communication Enthusiast – Siva Priya Ganti’s high-achieving Journey at SP Jain


I never imagined studying business for my undergraduate degree, nor was I keen to understand how it functions. However, at the end of Grade 12, the fields of marketing and communication piqued my interest. Being passionate about English literature, I had explored the creative aspects of the language, but I soon discovered that I had an appetite for professional communication. Hence, the Bachelor of Business Communication (BBC) program at SP Jain, which offers a unique combination of business and communication, became my destination. 

Sivapriya 1


In my first year, I had the opportunity to experience two campuses—Mumbai and Singapore—in an online mode. My first semester with the Mumbai campus was comfortable. I had the chance to adjust to university life, and the culture was familiar as I hailed from India. Each of the courses in the semester had a distinct flavour with a demand for application capabilities. The challenge I faced was understanding the nuances while connecting everything back to business. Healthy classroom discussions with my professors and peers helped me enhance my application skills and overcome this hurdle. 


My second semester was with the Singapore campus, where thanks to multiple projects, I learned to make decisions strategically. The shift from Indian culture to Singaporean was evident in my working style. The unforgettable part of my journey in Singapore was learning from the multicultural backgrounds of my peers who hail from over 8 countries. Interacting with students from various nations allowed me to work on developing my soft and hard skills. Every class had a lively environment where each student was eager to participate in the discussion and contribute to the proceedings. Those discussions went a long way in developing my critical thinking skills. 

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Having professors of different nationalities who carry impeccable experiences enriched the entire learning process. Each professor left a remarkable impression through their innovative approaches. From writing a movie storyline in an exam to watching web series and TV shows to comprehend the concepts better, all of this happened thanks to the phenomenal professors of SP Jain. Classrooms transformed into the boardrooms of companies, investors, global communities, and governments, stimulating real-world business scenarios. We 18-year-olds played the roles of CEOs and leaders, and my key takeaway was to be open-minded, which led me to give and receive feedback constructively.


Global learning continued having adapted to the online mode. Using Kahoot, our cohort undertook quizzes on pop culture and business happenings. Discussion on the food of various countries had turned into a high energy Zoom meeting that would continue for long and ignited a passion in me for food travel. Furthermore, creating an elevator pitch cultivated my presentation and pitching skills.


Besides academics, I truly cherished all the events. The cross-campus events and competitions amidst tedious academics kept my artistic mind active. As a trained Kuchipudi dancer for 14 years, I was thrilled to see my fellow mates captivated by my dance moves. Not only was I given the arena as a dancer, but also the chance to express myself through my poetry and words. 


Student clubs were amazing as different cohorts came together to share ideas, develop action plans, learn, and apply skills. I had been an active member of the Marketing & More student club and eventually became the Communication Head of the club with consistent participation and competence. Planning, coordinating, and organising events provided me with amazing networking opportunities whilst developing my skills. My enthusiasm for contributing to events, either through dance or poetry or as an organiser, led me to earn the title of ‘Multi-Talented’ from the Dean of the UG programs. I am now the President of SPJ’s Marketing & More student club.


Hailing from a non-business background, I always wondered how I would fare in a business school. Driven by my philosophy that barriers reveal the hidden ingenuity in carving the path for progress, I chose this path for myself. After a year into life at SP Jain, I realise my true potential lies in Business Communication. Now I embark on an adventure to optimise my true strengths with the incredible resources and support from the school. By living in the moment, I strive to embody the cosmopolitan spirit with a smile on my face.



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