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Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

New Jag: Bhavya (India)


'Stay positive, work hard and make it happen' is the powerful mantra I believe in.


Name - Bhavya Thukral | Home - Ludhiana, Punjab, India | Joining - Singapore Campus

I am an optimistic, sensible person with a combination of wit and humour. I have a passion for playing guitar. I am adept at chess. My pursuit of happiness is gyming along with being a movie buff. I am an extrovert with a unique passion of engaging in conversations and photography. My passion for music gave me an opportunity to represent my school in an international youth festival. Also I received distinction from the Trinity Rockschool of London.

With such a unique college experience, I will attain experience, exposure and confidence to explore in this tricity course.

I am eager to discover horizons of knowledge.



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